| Basement conversions; a natural extension to your existing home |

| Basement conversions; a natural extension to your existing home |

Something everyone wants in their homes is more space, and many people try to achieve this by converting or extending their basements. In one decade the number of applications has more than doubled in Kensington and Chelsea in London as homeowners and developers are rushing to get planning permission before the rules tighten. Interior Designers London are doing this on a regular basis. 

Ed Mead, director of Douglas & Gordon estate agents, said the trend was driven by rising house prices. “A basement costs circa £500 per square foot to build and then you have to fit it out, so once an area gets beyond an average value of circa £750 per square foot it makes sense,” he said. “Most areas in the doughnut around central London are now well over £750 per square foot, with £1,000 not unusual, making these investments very good value.”

With a typical size of about 1,000 square feet, a basement extension can be expected to cost at least £500,000, meaning it is only cost-effective for properties at the top end of the market.

Unlike lofts, which are often used for creating additional bedrooms, a basement is usually located close to the living area, and therefore has a more flexible range of use. A basement is an ideal place for extra family living space such as a playroom, a home entertainment room or a home office. Perfect to fit out with Bespoke Kitchen and Furniture

You do not want a basement conversion to feel like you’re living underground, rather it should feel like a natural extension to your home. Achieving this can be a spatial design challenge, but experienced specialists often do this by allowing windows to be installed at a good level.  Very important for the end result is lighting; the key is to create the feeling of being above ground. Modern construction methods ensure basements are warm, light, comfortable and airy. A sunken terrace accessible by glass doors creates a wonderful open feel. A basement conversion should blend in with the rest of your home through intelligent interior design, making the room feel like it has always been a part of it.

The basement can truly become the most spectacular area within an otherwise ordinary home; it is a trend that is set to continue.