Make it British!

Increation is proud to announce its recent partnership with Make it British, an online directory focused on sourcing British-made brands and UK manufacturing. From clothing, food and drink, to kitchens and home furnishings, Make it British is the go-to destination when identifying British-made products.

Make it British also have a fascinating and diverse range of articles on their blog with the most up-to-date news and interviews concerning British-made products. At Increation we were especially interested to read the article ‘what do shoppers really think about buying British-made products?’ which concluded that 60% of the people surveyed agreed with the statement that “if I know a product is made in Britain I believe it to be of good quality’.  Increation believe that investing in British-made products means you are not only investing in a product that’s been produced with skill and that’s of high-quality, but you are also helping to preserve Britain’s rich cultural and trading heritage.

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