Curves at Albert Court

Albert Court in South Kensington is an architectural masterpiece that even today, over 200 years since its original construction, stands tall and imposing, casting a protective shadow over its neighbour, the Royal Albert Hall. Increation are lucky enough to have recently started a home renovation in a penthouse apartment of this Grade II listed building and we would like to share with our readers a small part of the design process.

For the master bedroom, which features a round window and curved walls, Increation created bespoke furniture in form of curved wardrobes to echo the free-flowing nature of the room. In order to shape the wood correctly, the workshop team used a mould onto which they placed the thin panels of wood before enclosing it in a large vacuum pack bag. By sucking the air out of the bag using a vacuum press it allowed the veneers to bend to the shape of the mould. For the finishing touch, the wardrobe was sprayed in a white lacquer. This is an excellent example of the blending of modern technology whilst maintaining the original features and period charm of the building.  This use of Bespoke Furniture in London is one of the many things that Make INcreation Unique as Interior Designer London.